Direction Law is a firm proudly built on relationships

With a staff of over 180, and with 45 years of experience, Direction Law is a niche firm offering a range of conveyancing and other legal services to Private Individuals, Housing Providers and Business clients.

Society, family, and the world of work are all carefully built on relationships. No individual or group can function effectively by looking inward and isolating itself from the outside world which is why at Direction Law we place such importance on winning the respect and confidence of our clients, peers and staff. We nurture these relationships as we recognise that they are crucial for the well-being of any modern progressive firm and its clients.

Direction Law provide a highly professional conveyancing service working to their client’s best interests. Their knowledge and experience make them leaders in their field and ahead of their competitors. Direction Law fully embrace the benefits of working as a partnership.
~ Jane Williams, Head of Sales and Marketing, Optivo

Relationships with our Clients

Exceptional client service constitutes a core value for Direction Law and our level of service is one of the very reasons clients continue to work with us. By ensuring that we engage in regular communication and information exchange, our clients always know at what stage their transaction is.

Relationships with our Peers

Lines of communication, knowledge, mutual exchange of ideas and concepts are fundamental to our relationship with the various organisations we work with. We understand and know our industry and keep up with our clients’ as well as our sector’s developments, thus placing us in an ideal position to offer the best and most up to date service and advice.

Relationships with our Staff

Our staff are specialists in their field and are always on hand to discuss your matter with you. We encourage their personal growth and development as we know that their expertise and knowledge will enable them to offer you the best advice available. We encourage them to network with others to develop relationships of their own that will benefit themselves, our clients and the firm. As such we have a very low staff turnover. However well we perform and however good we think we are, we continue to build on our relationships because we continuously seek to evolve and improve on our expertise and practices to the benefit of our clients and those who work with us.