Free Legal Fee Competition

As well as supporting a number of local charities, we have decided that our charity of choice from November 2020 onwards will be the More Than Homes fund.

Set up in 2020 with the Trussell Trust and Accent Housing, the More Than Homes Grant Fund aims to raise an initial target of £1million from the housing sector towards the rising number of people claiming universal credit and an increase in demand of over 80% at food banks across the UK as a direct result of the Covid-19 crisis.

To help raise money for this worthwhile charity, all of our conveyancing clients have the opportunity to enter into the Conveyancing Foundation Charity Free Legal Fee Competition, which is designed to generate revenue for charity and to offer you the opportunity to win £500.00 towards the cost of your conveyancing.

If you choose to enter the competition, we will add a £10.00 cost to the sums we collect from you on completion of your transaction (this will be shown on your Completion Statement).

£1 of your donation will go towards the competition and the remaining £9 (plus Gift Aid) will go towards the More Than Homes charity. We hope you will join us in helping this valuable cause.

Please note that you may opt in or out of the competition at any time, up to the date of completion of your transaction, by providing us with your instructions in this respect.

For our terms and conditions of the competition, please click here.

To find out more about the competition, visit the Conveyancing Foundation Charity website.

So far in 2021 our clients have raised over £8,000, which is a great achievement.