Dispute Resolution

However carefully you choose the people you deal with, disputes can happen.  These can be difficult and time-consuming and, without expert legal advice, you may find yourself losing out.

Our lawyers recognise both the detail of the law and the realities of life, and seek the best outcome for you in the most efficient way. We understand that disputes are rarely black and white and what you want from us is clear pragmatic advice, presented in a comprehensible way.

Early expert legal advice is essential. We have the experience to provide professional, practical and clear advice to our clients on a wide range of commercial matters:

»     Employment issues

»     Property disputes

»     Landlord and Tenant matters

»     Bankruptcy

»     Company matters (including shareholders problems and directors responsibilities)

»     Contractual problems

»     Debt recovery

Although Court actions still form the basis of most litigation we have substantial experience of alternative dispute resolution such as informal or formal mediation. Mediation ranges from early discussions at “round table meetings” to formal mediation involving the appointment of a professional mediator.

We have the experience and flexibility to advise you how best to deal with the matter and recognise that you need to keep control of the costs of litigation, and be able to budget for those costs.