Help Us Beat Fraud

Cybercrime is on the increase, with fraudsters increasingly targeting property buyers, sellers and their solicitors, often by way of interception of emails, to steal client’s funds.  We take the security of your personal information very seriously and it is important to remember a few important points of how we do this when we work with you.


We do not and will never provide our bank details to you by email

Please ensure that you retain our bank details enclosed with your original letter for future use. Our account is in the name of DIRECTION HOME (LAW) LLP and we will never ask you to send money to an account in another name.

Please do not send your bank details to us in the body of an email

We require all clients, whether buying or selling, to provide us with a copy of a bank statement for the account that you would like us to return any monies to.  We may also ask you to verify account details with us by telephone using a telephone number which you have given us.


As a security measure we allocate all clients with an eight character password sent to you by SMS. Do not disclose this password, especially by email.

Whether we call you or you call us, we will always ask you for two random characters from this password. We will never ask you for the whole password.  Should we fail to identify you in this way, then we would ask you to challenge us by asking us to provide two digits from the password instead.


Bogus email addresses can be used which look like they come from us but have minor changes that are difficult to spot. It is also possible for telephone calls to be spoofed so that it looks like one of our numbers calling when it isn’t. Let us know if there is anything which may seem unusual or suspicious and if you have any concerns, please contact


Property is usually the most valuable asset people own. Property fraud, also known as identity fraud, is where criminals try to take ownership of your property, usually by stealing your identity and then selling, mortgaging or taking out loans against your property without your knowledge. Anyone who owns or is in the process of buying a home could potentially be targeted by scams. Property fraud has cost the UK Land Registry more than £70million over the past 14 years – make sure you protect your home from the risk of fraud.

What can you do to stop this?

It is recommended that you register a Proof of Identity Restriction on your property at the Land Registry. This is designed to prevent fraudulent activity on your property by requiring a solicitor or conveyancer to certify they are satisfied that the person selling or mortgaging the property is you. This restriction is a great way to safeguard your property.

Direction Law can register a Proof of Identity Restriction at the Land Registry against your property on completion of your transaction for the fee of £75.00 plus vat. To find out more, click here.