Asset Management

Direction Law has many years experience of dealing with the wide range of problems that can arise with asset management, in particular rent arrears and dealing with residents that have anti-social behaviour issues.

Initial advice for issues with managing property is usually provided by telephone to the individuals in need of assistance. This preventative measure will often resolve the problem, and is generally offered without the need for fees, which begin only when a new file is opened.

We regularly advise on:

»     Landlord and Tenant Act

»     Debt recovery

»     Dispute resolution including LVTs

»     Litigation, antisocial behaviour, disrepair (Section 11)

»     Tenancy agreements, service charges, supported housing ombudsman complaints

»     Trespasser act and dispute resolution.

Additionally, we deal with issues relating to leases, management agreements, problems arising out of the transfer, disposal of land and all the claims and defences that residents will bring in order to avoid a possession order.

We have been involved with asset management cases where proceedings have been issued with regard to unlawful sub-letting as well as with many cases taken to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal with regard to Section 20 issues.

We will also provide advice in taking steps and introducing procedures to avoid the necessity of taking court action.