Intermediate Tenures

The provision of housing in the UK is becoming an increasing challenge.  To meet the growing need for housing, it is becoming increasingly necessary to look beyond the traditional providers and purchase options to other intermediate tenures.

Whether it’s the local market conditions, the state of the economy or Brexit, housing providers of all types have been forced to become ever more imaginative with the purchase options offered to potential buyers.

Developing and then offering these intermediate tenures requires expert legal advice. We offer an unparalleled understanding of the affordable housing sector, which has been gained over 30 years of having been closely involved in the market. We are well regarded for both routine day-to-day work and complex advice by housing associations, developers, local authorities and private providers.

Direction Law has worked with Registered Providers large and small to create alternative methods of providing affordable housing outside of the traditional shared ownership and shared equity models.  We are also working with an increasing number of private providers in the provision of housing based on a shared ownership model.

Direction Law has a reputation for innovation in advising its clients on the most appropriate delivery vehicle for joint venture and other collaborative arrangements to bring major projects to fruition.

To do this requires an adviser to be able to look beyond the specific deal or project to understand your business sector. With board level experience at Registered Providers, and having been involved with many organisations entering the affordable housing market, we are ideally placed to assist with any such projects.