After someone has died we can assist the Executors named in their Will in obtaining a Grant or Probate or, if they die without a Will in place, we can assist a family member in obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration.

The role of an executor or personal representative can be an onerous responsibility and leave you open to personal liability if mistakes are made but we can help you manage the risks involved.

We offer our clients three options when it comes to Probate: Probate Fixed, Probate Choice and Probate Complete. Following our free initial consultation about probate matters we will help you decide which level of service is right for your needs.

Probate Fixed is our service of performing a set task in relation to the administration of an estate for example drafting the Oath and obtaining the Grant for you. With this service we offer a fixed fee cost that will be decided dependent on the works undertaken.

Probate Choice service allows you to choose from a list of tasks which of those you would like Direction Law to undertake on your behalf, and which tasks you wish to administer yourself.  We agree a plan to administer the estate from start to finish and provide a detailed estimate of costs once the package has been agreed.

Probate Complete is our complete service.  It enables you to hand over all the work to us. We will report to you throughout and ensure you fulfil your responsibilities.  We will give you a detailed estimate of the costs at the outset and manage the entire process to make sure you free of risk and the estate is administered correctly.

Using our Probate Complete service, the tasks we will complete for you are:

»     Provide you with a dedicated and experienced probate lawyer to work on your matter
»     Meet with you to ascertain assets and liabilities of the estate
»     Obtain valuations
»     Prepare schedule of assets and liabilities
»     Prepare HMRC Inheritance Tax Return
»     Prepare Executors Oath or Administrators Oath
»     Apply for and obtain appropriate Probate Certificate
»     Arrange to settle Inheritance Tax and negotiate tax clearance with HMRC
»     Gather assets, arrange to pay liabilities
»     Pay gifts/legacies set out in the Will
»     Prepare and submit Income Tax Returns for the administration period
»     Prepare estate accounts
»     Arrange distributions to beneficiaries
»     Transfer any remaining assets

For details of our fees in relation to Probate matters, click here for a guide of likely costs on each of the above three options.

If you have any queries regarding the administration of an estate or the probate process or would like to arrange your free initial consultation please do not hesitate to contact us on 01227 812689 or complete the enquiry form below.