Wills and Probate

Death and taxes are the only certainties in life. Our Private Client team can assist you in the making of a Will and help guide you through the Probate maze after someone has died.

Not only can we assist you in making a Will or dealing with someone’s affairs after they have died but, with technical skills that are recognized by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), we will also be able to spot tax planning opportunities that could result in substantial savings for the beneficiaries.


Making a Will is not morbid. It is a kindness to those that you leave behind and helps ensure that your wishes take effect when you pass away.  We find that many people feel relieved to have put something in place that will avoid unwanted issues arising in the event of their death.

For more information about the benefits of making a Will and the problems that might be encountered by not doing so, please click here.


After someone has died we can assist their Executors (also known as Personal Representatives) in the often complicated and emotionally charged task of obtaining a Grant of Probate and dealing with the estate.

In the event that someone dies without a Will in place, we can assist a family member in obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration (similar to a Grant of Probate) which will allow them to distribute the estate of the deceased in accordance with the “rules of intestacy” (the law that determines who inherits the estate of someone who has died without a Will).

For more information about our Probate services please click here and for details of the fees we charge for Probate matters then click here.

We offer a free initial consultation, can meet you at any of our office locations or in the comfort of your own home or office and if you wish to meet us out of hours this can also be arranged.